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MFA Thesis project: "In/'Habitable". An installation of corner interiors seeped in patterns of habit and habitat. A process based on inhabiting the space for 4 hours per day, I sought explanations of ritual and habit, fantastical habitat and space. Home is not only my habitat, but a documentation of my habits. A morphology of marking and sharpings "In/Habitable" creates a sense of wall-life as opposed to wallpaper.

And in the kitchen, there were always the birds. Swooping through soup and leaving traces of peanut butter in their wings...

Interiors become more than the space they they are in, they are inhabited by us - one day at a time, we mark the walls with our existence.

In/Habitable: "Dinner Amongst Wind Ballets "
In/Habitable: "Dinner Amongst Wind Ballets "
Silkscreen, drawing on walls, fabric, small mixed media sculptures