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"The stars guide them. While she sips tea and thinks of refinishing furniture, he tells her of black holes and the importance of velocity. They search for a home to rest their vessel and escape the sheen of the water. His enthusiasm for astrophysics parallels her need to build a nest, a home for them to dwell. They look to the stars daily, for they seem to have guiding answers within crystal lines"

These drawings and photographic patterns represent the beginning blueprints and mappings of a marriage. Separate pages retain their translucency yet, becoming unique and opaque shades of blue. His star patterns and her wall patterns delicately overlapping. Occasional hiccups present structural and optical illusions, but the floor is strong and the sky is open.

Homestellations is an artist book of bound drawings and digital photographs on a wood base.

One of a kind artist book with sculptural wood base
12" x 12"